[Alternative Rock Instrumentals]

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Verdict: A Good Cause.

From out of The Static Din comes the project “Music for Mobile Electric Guitars” by Tilted Axes.

Headed by composer/performer Patrick Grant, the album consists of studio recordings of compositions made for procession-like live performances. Kind of like flash dances with guitars, Tilted Axis gathers strangers together for a singular goal: to parade portable electric guitar orchestras through NYC neighborhoods.

The concept is super cool. Send out a bunch of music to interested guitar players, gather them at a certain place on a certain date, and then march through the city while blasting a cacophony of electric sound.

The event is interesting and unique and sounds like a whole lot of fun. The studio recordings, unfortunately, aren’t any of those things. They’re bland and static and devoid of any life or spunk.

The compositions aren’t exactly mind-blowing or soul touching, and the recordings are too clean to be interesting, but the music does hold a certain promise. That promise, I imagine, is that when it’s played by a large collection of guitar aficionados through some legendary NY neighborhood, it’s going to rock.

So, if that sounds like something that might interest you (and if you play guitar I imagine that it might), then buy the album. Not for the music, but because a donation would help the cause. And it’s a worthy cause indeed – the release of pure, unbridled urban electric joy into the streets of NYC.

Track listing:

  1. Shapes 1
  2. Circulation in G Maybe
  3. Tilted Axes Theme
  4. Pedal Swells
  5. Theme Variation
  6. Rivera Court
  7. Techno Tilt
  8. Kneadle Variation
  9. Asciae Obliquiae
  10. Alamo Tilt
  11. Polymetric Patterns
  12. Beaubien Blues
  13. Corridor 84 + Krimson Coda
  14. Shapes 2
  15. Tuanna Claonta
  16. Harmonic Revolutions
  17. The Sound of Burning Chairs